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Roger Bonds addressed longstanding rumors surrounding Diddy's sexuality. The speculation reignited memories of Wendy Williams' firing after mentioning photos of Diddy with a man and a comedian's story of seeing Diddy cozying up to DJ Felix da Housecat at a party. Roger Bonds, who knows Felix, clarified that while Felix was part of Diddy's inner circle, he never witnessed anything explicitly gay. Felix stayed at Diddy's house, and they, along with others, engaged in activities like taking ecstasy. Bonds emphasized that during such times, increased affection isn't necessarily indicative of sexual orientation. Vlad and Bonds touched upon the complexity of public perception, with Bonds opining that admitting to being bisexual might now benefit Diddy. He cited the difference in societal acceptance compared to the past, emphasizing that current allegations against Diddy concerning domestic violence overshadow the sexuality rumors. Ultimately, Bonds believes that transparency might have mitigated past controversies.