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Part 15: Boosie: Drake & Kendrick Have Tic-Tac-Toe Beef, Street Guys Will Crash Out Free for Them
Part 13: Boosie Denies Rap Beefing with Kodak Black & NBA YoungBoy
Part 1: Boosie: Diddy Beat Cassie Like a Man, He's a Sucka A** N****


Boosie delves into the challenges mainstream rappers like Drake and Kendrick Lamar face with their entourages. Responding to followers urging him that the rap feud between the two rappers won't escalate to violence, Boosie points out the inherent difficulties these stars have in controlling the actions of their street-affiliated associates. He emphasizes that despite their fame, the entourages often consist of individuals who see themselves as the muscle, not subordinate to celebrity.