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Part 21: Michael Corleone Blanco Cries Over His Brother Uber's Murder
Part 19: Michael Corleone Blanco Confirms Griselda's Plan to Kidnap JFK Jr to Free Herself
Part 1: Michael Corleone Blanco on His Mother Griselda Kidnapping & Killing at 10 Years Old


Michael Corleone Blanco, son of infamous drug trafficker Griselda Blanco, talked with Vlad about how Charles Cosby managed to evade serious charges due to lack of evidence. When Cosby was called to testify in Miami about a kidnapping situation, he had no relevant information regarding any murders associated with Griselda, as these had preceded his involvement with her. The trial was then further compromised when it emerged that an employee of the prosecution was engaged in an inappropriate relationship with Rivi. Ultimately, in 1998, Griselda Blanco pled guilty to three second-degree murder charges but only served five years of a 20-year sentence due to time served. Michael rounded off the interview by sharing how his mother adapted to hard time in Florida State prison.