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Part 2: Adam22 on Taking Down Luce Cannon Interview After Big U Sent Him a Cease & Desist


Adam22, the host of No Jumper, discussed working with Wack100 and Dame Dash. He stated that Wack100 is easier to work with than Dame Dash despite Wack100 having a reputation for being difficult. He attributes this to setting boundaries and respecting each other’s work, whereas with Dame Dash, he struggled to keep up a working relationship. There was also a discussion about No Jumper becoming a platform for gang-related content, a claim that Adam22 denied, saying that it was exaggerated. He added that they take security very seriously, ensuring safe environments for their artists and even employing armed guards. They make sure no conflicts arise due to booking guests who might have issues with each other. He clarified that any minor flare-ups are handled quickly and efficiently.