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Part 17: Michael Corleone Blanco Denies Hiring Hitman to Kill Charles Cosby for Cheating on His Mom
Part 15: Michael Corleone Blanco: My Brother Osvaldo Wasn't Killed By Escobar, Here's What Happened
Part 1: Michael Corleone Blanco on His Mother Griselda Kidnapping & Killing at 10 Years Old


Michael Corleone Blanco emotionally discussed the aftermath of his brother Osvaldo's death and his mother Griselda Blanco's subsequent quest for revenge while still in prison. Michael revealed the chilling message his mother sent to those involved in Osvaldo’s murder, promising violent retribution. Michael revealed that one of the perpetrators ended his own life in a church, while another was captured and endured four days of torture at the hands of his brother. He also challenged Charles Cosby's claims about being connected to his other brother, warning about the dangers of talking too much around certain people.