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Part 15: Michael Corleone Blanco: My Brother Osvaldo Wasn't Killed By Escobar, Here's What Happened
Part 13: Michael Corleone Blanco: People Got Facial Plastic Surgery Before Snitching on Griselda
Part 1: Michael Corleone Blanco on His Mother Griselda Kidnapping & Killing at 10 Years Old


Michael Corleone Blanco spoke about his mother's relationship with Charles Cosby while she was incarcerated and his early involvement in the drug trade. Around 1991, Cosby saw Blanco's mother on television and began writing her letters, which grew into a relationship and led to a meeting with Griselda. At the time, Michael was only 13. He states that they became close, and he acknowledged that Cosby held a certain position in his life. Cosby worked with Michael's mother while she was in prison and was fronted a large quantity of drugs, although Michael claims Cosby had less of a significant role than he claimed. Michael also spoke about his understanding and acceptance of their relationship, stating he needed the support Cosby provided his mother. This included helping with various tasks associated with their criminal lifestyle, such as moving large sums of money between states.