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Part 2: Gilbert Arenas: How is 50 Cent's Babymother Going to Prove She's Not Diddy's Sex Worker?


Gilbert Arenas spoke out about hosting a million-dollar party with rapper Diddy and touched on the recent federal raids on Diddy’s properties. Arenas revealed that Diddy was not his first choice to host the extravagant party. Instead, he initially approached Jay-Z, who demanded $500,000, stating he had an aversion to such parties due to the potential liability. Consequently, Arenas turned to Diddy, who agreed to a sum of $250,000. Following Diddy’s commitment, numerous other celebrities, including Lil Wayne, T.I., and Busta Rhymes, agreed to attend. Regarding Diddy’s recent legal issues, Arenas criticized the speculation that Diddy was attempting to flee the country, arguing that federal agents would know of his whereabouts should they wish to apprehend him. According to Arenas, the timing of the raids suggested that authorities were more interested in gathering information rather than making an arrest.