Jermaine Dupri previously went viral on social media after appearing at the Super Bowl with Usher, as fans made fun of the producer’s white socks. While speaking to AllHipHop, JD addressed people clowning his socks, explaining why he wore them in the first place. 

“I never even thought nobody would say anything about the socks. I’ve worn these socks before. And I actually believe that it’s because a lack of information is being given to these kids. Because if people knew more about me, they would know I’m a dancer and I come from an era where dancers used to wear all kinda different stuff,” said Dupri. 

The producer then said his fashion risk was similar to what he saw with his group, Kris Kross. “And when I came off the stage at [the] Super Bowl, my daughter was like, ‘They on your socks, they on your head about the socks.’ I’m like, ‘Why would they be talking to me about the socks?’ So yeah, I wasn’t even paying no attention to it,” said the producer. 

source: AllHipHop