Kendrick Lamar recently directed bars at Drake and J. Cole while on Metro Boomin and Future's song "Like That." Since then, Charlamagne has chimed in with his thoughts on the diss aimed at Cole and Drake, saying J. Cole should respond to K. Dot. 

Charlamagne said, “That's right. That's right, Cole and Drake, they can't take the high road. Kendrick's been asking for smoke for years, since 'Control.' No, Cole's the one that really needs to jump out.”

The show host then said, “‘Cause you said you was Muhammad Ali, and you got an album coming out. You the one that really need to say something. Not right now, [Big] Sean. Wait a week. Sean, this is what always happens to you. You always get lost in the sauce of the Big Three. You know what, though? There was a couple of years, Sean was lyrically better than a lot of them. I was saying that. Sean was really, really, lyrically in his bag.” From there, Charlamagne and the rest of the crew debated on who the “Big Three” in rap would be.