New York Governor Kathy Hochul recently put new Medicaid restrictions in place. The restrictions reportedly affect 1199 SEIU healthcare workers. Since then, workers have taken to the streets to march, and Jadakiss and Jim Jones were spotted marching in solidarity with the workers. 

In his IG caption, Jones wrote: “Special shout out to all the #1199Healthcare workers who show up for the cause today and march to fight for whts right. The government is only covering 70 percent of Medicaid cost at our new York hospitals n clinics.”

The Dipset rapper continued laying out the scenario, saying, “ #This 30 percent gap is causing underfunding wit cause the hospitals to b understaffed then eventually havin to close [their] doors. To prevent this from happening we [need] everyone to let the governor know we need the 30 percent to b implemented immediately.”

source: Instagram