Adin Ross previously caught the attention of Sexyy Red after the streamer claimed he had sex with the rising St. Louis rapper. Sexyy Red denied the claims, saying: “I don’t know why he play like that but he felt the need to come on in there and play with me. I’m just like let me play along with him. He full of s***.”

Since then, Red appeared on Adin Ross’ stream, which prompted Ross to call Drake to gloat about being with the rapper in person. Drake wasn’t fazed, even after Ross claimed that Sexyy Red was his soulmate. 

Drake took it a step further after Sexyy motioned that she deaded the soulmate talk, which led to Drake telling Ross: “Nah bro, she told me she was gonna rob you. She told me this was a set up.” Ross was shocked, and Drake continued, “We let you slide, though.”