In a shocking turn of events, security cameras captured the moment robbers broke into a Santee Alley store in downtown Los Angeles by busting through the drywall. The thieves were caught on camera ransacking a jewelry store, leaving the owner devastated and out of pocket.

The burglars first broke into the store next door before bashing a hole through the shop's wall and raiding the place. The whole ordeal was captured on surveillance cameras, showing the robbers with white powder, which turned out to be drywall from their entry point.

The store owner, who did not wish to be named, expressed his shock and disappointment upon discovering the mess left behind by the robbers. He stated, "I never expected this to happen to me. This is where I eat, where I feed my family from. I have to get it back." The owner, who sells a combination of high and low-value items, was surprised that someone would go to such lengths to break into his store.