A recent antitrust case filed against Apple by the Department of Justice could have significant implications for the smartphone market. The federal government is accusing Apple of monopolizing the market and driving out competition, which drives up consumer prices.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple has created barriers that make it difficult and expensive for competitors to enter the market, effectively trapping customers into using and buying more iPhones. The case focuses on various aspects of the Apple ecosystem, including Apple Pay and the Apple Watch, claiming that the company undermines technologies that compete with its own apps, ultimately hurting consumers regarding streaming, messaging, and digital payments.

Apple has responded to the lawsuit, stating that it will vigorously defend against it and believes it is wrong on both the facts and the law. However, if the case goes to trial and Apple is found guilty of antitrust violations, it could lead to lower prices on Apple products and services and potentially force the tech giant to be more competitive in their pricing.

Source: Youtube