Shaq recently sat down with comedian Bert Kreischer on his "The Big Podcast," where Kreischer asked Shaq about when he knew his body gave out in the NBA. 

Shaq, who retired in 2011, told Kreisher, "When I pumped faked for the dunk and I look at the stats, I had nine points. I'm like, 'This ain't fu****g Shaq, this is Dwight Howard." 

Shaq and Howard have had a longstanding beef, and things show no signs of slowing down on Shaq's side, as he continues to take shots at Howard. Earlier this year, Shaq went on Trae Young's 'From the Point' podcast to say that he's been hard on Howard because he loves and respects him. 

Howard responded to Shaq's comments on social media telling Shaq, "I never had a problem with you, so we can finally end this as adults 100." Shaq replied, "Nope lol." 

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