In New Jersey, a Bentley driver successfully fought off three masked assailants during an attempted carjacking in a grocery store parking lot owned by his family. Surveillance footage captured the dramatic scene as the attackers tried to forcibly remove him from his luxury vehicle. Fortunately, the victim managed to free himself and escape into the store to call the police, preventing the thieves from driving off with his SUV as he had the key fob. While shaken by the incident, the victim sustained only minor scratches.

However, he had previously fallen victim to a carjacking, resulting in the theft of his Mercedes G-Class SUV. Carjackings, particularly targeting high-end vehicles, are reportedly on the rise in the area, often involving teenage boys affiliated with organized gangs. Local authorities, including Edison Mayor Sam Joshi, are increasing police presence and implementing measures such as license plate readers to address the issue. Joshi emphasized the need for changes in state laws regarding juvenile crime to effectively combat the problem. Police are actively searching for the three suspects involved in the recent carjacking attempt.