Israel and Hamas appear to be on the brink of a ceasefire that could put a temporary pause on a war that has been ongoing for over 140 days. President Joe Biden has expressed optimism that an agreement could be reached as soon as Monday, with negotiators working towards finalizing the details ahead of the start of Ramadan on March 10th.

The proposed ceasefire would involve a 6-week halt in fighting, during which Hamas would release approximately 40 of the more than 100 hostages it is currently holding in Gaza. These hostages would include women, the elderly, and the sick. In exchange, Israel would release 300 Palestinian prisoners and allow for the entry of larger quantities of international aid into Gaza. Additionally, displaced Palestinians would be able to begin returning to their homes in Northern Gaza.

While progress has been made in outlining the basic terms of the ceasefire, several sticking points still need to be resolved. Israel is seeking assurances that all female soldiers held captive by Hamas will be included in the initial phase of release. There is also uncertainty around which Palestinians will be permitted to return home and which prisoners will be freed by Israel. Furthermore, Israel is holding firm on its plans to invade the Southern Gaza town of Rafah to defeat Hamas.

Source: Youtube