Wendy Williams has been dealing with health issues that have gone public, especially since the release of the ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ Lifetime documentary. The media personality has reportedly been dealing with dementia and aphasia issues, along with family problems. Now, Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, has named a few things he thinks the Lifetime documentary failed to mention, including how Williams’ sister Wanda allegedly made off with a grip of her sister’s money. 

Via Instagram, Hunter said, “Ok so everyone heard "f**k Kevin" through docu-series, Np the SHOW took precedent over EVERYTHING including family. What I guess they left out was that while she was in Florida getting recovery 3 yrs ago there were the secret calls her SISTER would set up with DEMBAR MERCURY (MORT & IRA). With false pretense that she would be getting the show back. That was a lie and broke s*** more than anything.”

Hunter then explained what Williams’ sister was attempting to gain, saying, “They only were trying to get her there to satisfy an insurance claim so they could obviously replace losses and the money that they were STEALING (5-15mil).” Hunter then explained that Williams’ sister got “played” after trying to get “ultimate control herself.” The end result found Wendy Williams’ situation getting worse, as described by Hunter. Take a look above. 

source: Instagram