TopShelf Performance coaches TJ and Steph Brown sat down with Atlanta's 103.5 The Beat to clear the air about their altercation with Cam Newton. 

TJ told host Jojo Alonso that he wanted to start off by apologizing to the parents at the tournament, as well as anyone who was offended by the situation. He added that they shouldn't have been yelling during the game, and TJ also stated that their issues could've been handled in a discussion.

From there, TJ spoke about the history of "trash talk" between his team and Cam, who TJ says was the main aggressor with the trash talk. TJ stated that "this is typical Cam Newton behavior." 

TJ's brother Steph then shared his side of the story, and he claims that Cam grabbed him first, which is what set off the altercation. You can listen in full above.

Source: Instagram