Russell Wilson opened up to Brandon Marshall on the I AM ATHLETE podcast about meeting Ciara's son with Future, who is often referred to as "Little Future," for the first time.

Russell explained, "When I walked in the room and I saw, you know, little Future -- he's nine months at the time or whatever -- he crawls in my lap and it was like, you know, this is going to be my responsibility. I remember leaving that night… and God said, saying to me, 'Raising this child it's going to be your responsibility."

He continued, "I think [it was] scary just in the sense of -- not scary -- but it was more so of an opportunity. Like, 'Okay God, this is what you want me to do? This is, you know, stepping in to raise, you know, a child with C?' And this and that and realizing that, okay God, like I know she's the one for me but also, I'm going to take this responsibility."

Russell then compared himself to the biblical figure Joseph of Nazareth, stating, "Jesus himself -- like Joseph was – Joseph was a stepdad. Okay, it [Jesus] wasn't biologically his so I'm [like], 'Okay God, you're going to -- you're going to have me [do] this? Give me this opportunity to love the way that you were loved?'" 

Source: TMZ