Update 02/27/2024 3:11am:

The brawl that broke out at a youth 7-on-7 football game in Atlanta involving Cam Newton and coaches from TopShelf Performance (TSP), TJ and Steph Brown, after TSP defeated Newton's C1N team was reportedly sparked during an earlier confrontation in the parking lot, where Newton reportedly taunted TSP about betting.

“Sunday comes, I’m walking through the parking lot, walking to the field,” TJ said. “Cam jumps out of his car and yells, ‘Hey, all that sorry s— ain’t gonna work today. What we betting today? What we betting?’ TJ replied, “I’m like, ‘I ain’t betting you, bro. I already beat you three, four times. You got to beat me first.’

“He’s like, ‘What we betting? I got plenty of money. I ain’t ever running out of money.’ That’s when I told him, ‘That’s your problem. All you care about is money. You think money is everything. You can’t buy me.’ And I walk off.”

The Brown brothers formerly associated with Newton's C1N team, left in 2022 to form TSP. They claimed Newton's taunts continued during the game, leading to a physical altercation. The fight was broken up by police and event security, and no arrests were made. TJ and Steph criticized Newton's behavior and called for accountability.

Original 02/26/2024 11:19am:

Over the weekend, Cam Newton took his C1N football players to a 7-on-7 tournament organized by We Ball Sports, an apparel and sports media company. 

The tournament brought youth under-15 and under-18 teams in Georgia and Alabama for the competition, but things became heated. According to Nehemiah Mitchell, the co-founder of We Ball Sports, players from TopShelf Performance, a wide receiver training facility in Atlanta, beat out Newton's C1N in a "heated game" with a lot of trash talk on Saturday (February 24). 

Mitchell added that tensions boiled over the following day, with individuals involved with TopShelf Performance approaching Newton at a tent. At one point, Newton was grabbed, which led to an altercation between various people, including Newton. 

After security broke up the fight, everyone involved, including Newton, was removed. TopShelf Performance trainers/coaches Stephon and TJ Brown told The Athletic, "We are deeply concerned about the recent incident involving Cam Newton, and our thoughts are with all parties affected. Violence has no place in our community, and we strongly condemn any form of aggression." 

Source: The Athletic