Erick Sermon recently reflected on working with Dr. Dre, noting the experience was amazing. However, Sermon also revealed the process of writing rhymes during those sessions made him consider not writing rhymes anymore. 

“I put another beat on and he calls Snoop over. Snoop been working on the records that I did. Then I come back and Dre is working on the record that he rapped on. So I said, ‘Yo, let me rap on that. Let me do your style how you rhyme and how you put your records together.’” said Sermon. 

Sermon then described the process as he pulled out a pen and pad before being told his process is not how the workflow goes in the studio with Dre. “The process was something I had never seen before in my life and had never experienced in my life getting produced by somebody. It makes you not want to [write rhymes] no more,” said Sermon. Watch above. 

source: YouTube