In a recent interview with Math Hoffa, actor Carl Anthony Payne, who played Cockroach on The Cosby Show, shared some interesting insights into his time on the iconic sitcom. Payne recounted his experiences with auditions, his character's nickname, and ultimately, his departure from the show.

Payne reminisced about the intense audition process for The Cosby Show, where actors would try to psych each other out before going into the audition room. He shared a humorous anecdote about a memorable audition with Bill Cosby, where Cosby's unconventional methods left Payne feeling unsure about his performance.

The actor also shed light on the origins of his character's nickname, Cockroach, revealing that it was based on a unique nickname belonging to a friend of Cosby's son. Despite initial misgivings about the name, Payne explained how Cosby wanted to flip the negative connotations associated with cockroaches and turn it into a memorable and impactful character name.

Payne also addressed rumors surrounding his departure from the show, clarifying that it was due to a hair-related issue during the filming of an episode. Payne detailed how a hair treatment gone wrong led to continuity issues that ultimately affected his character's appearance on screen. You can hear more above.

Source: Youtube