The music industry has seen a significant increase in the number of female artists hustling and making a name for themselves in recent years. With their immense talent and determination, these women are proving that they deserve a place in the industry. In a recent interview with Math Hoffa, Fivio Foreign discusses the impact of these female artists and the way they navigate through the industry.

Fivio acknowledges the growing number of female artists and how it has sparked a change in the industry. He comments on the attention he receives from these women, stating that his email is constantly flooded. It seems that female artists are eager to collaborate and prove their worth in this male-dominated field.

However, Fivio also highlights an interesting observation. He suggests that female artists have an advantage because they haven't faced the same challenges as their male counterparts. He mentions how they can say and do whatever they want without consequences. Moreover, he believes that the level of competition and beef among the female artists is not as intense as it is among the male artists. This led to Math Hoffa stating that a female rap beef will never get to Biggie and 2Pac level, and Fivio Foreign agreed. 

The interview shifts its focus to the rapper Nicki Minaj, who reached out to FIvio for a collaboration. He explains how she followed him on social media while he was incarcerated and eventually reached out to him upon his release. Fivio then described the process of working with Nicki, expressing his gratitude for the opportunity. You can hear more above.

Source: Youtube