During the latest episode of his "Collect Call" podcast, Suge Knight made disturbing allegations about some of the music industry's biggest names. Andre Harrell, Russell Simmons, and Diddy were some of the names that Suge dropped, and he alleged they were involved in illicit relationships and unsavory activities.

While it is important to note that these allegations are unproven and should be approached with skepticism, Suge's claims are sure to turn heads. While speaking about Andre Harrell and Russell Simmons, Suge suggests that these men engaged in same-sex relationships, which they allegedly concealed by publicly associating themselves with women. He also claimed that some of these men had a dark side, resorting to violence against women who did not conform to their desires.

Suge also spoke about Chris Stokes, a producer who has faced allegations of sexual abuse. These allegations have long been murmurs within the industry, and Suge told a firsthand story of what he witnessed while in the studio with Stokes. You can listen in full above.

Source: Youtube