On Wednesday, the Denver Broncos made the decision to bench quarterback Russell Wilson due to a contractual issue, prompting the starting player to address the situation publicly.

In addition to the benching development, there are emerging reports suggesting that the Broncos are likely to part ways with Wilson in the upcoming offseason, concluding a partnership that lasted just two years.

Shortly after the news broke, Wilson took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to provide an update for his fans. The message, though brief, left followers speculating about whether he was hinting at a potential future away from the Broncos organization. Wilson had been active on social media earlier in the day, and his interactions on X led to some speculation about his dissatisfaction with the handling of the benching.

While nothing is definitive at this point, should the Broncos choose to move on from Wilson, they will be obligated to carry a $39 million portion of his contract into the next year. Additionally, if Wilson does not play for the Broncos in the upcoming season, it would mean that he did not take a single snap under the five-year, $245 million extension he signed upon joining the team, as highlighted by Sports Illustrated's Matt Verderame. In the interim, the Broncos will turn to backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham for Sunday's game against the Chargers.