Young Thug's YSL RICO trial is currently making headlines with ongoing revelations. However, attention is already shifting towards the YFN RICO trial, featuring YFN Lucci, whose name has surfaced in connection with Young Thug. The judge in the YSL case ruled certain Young Thug song lyrics admissible, with one lyric alluding to Lucci. Despite online disputes, an official date for the YFN RICO trial has been set for January 8, potentially aligning with other high-profile rap cases.

The YSL RICO trial, anticipated to be lengthy, may intersect with the beginning of YFN Lucci's trial and possibly coincide with YNW Melly's second trial, which follows a mistrial earlier this year. The YFN Trial faced delays during the YSL RICO trial, possibly related to YSL Lil Woody's role as an informant, including leaked video footage implicating him in providing information on YFN Lucci. Although Lucci was expected to testify in the YSL case, it appears unlikely to happen.