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Part 4: Mob James: Keefe D was Living in Vegas & Made Vegas PD Look Like Idiots, STFU!
Part 2: Mob James Refused to Cooperate with LVPD Against Keefe D, Saw Alleged Car that Night
Part 1: Mob James: I Warned Keefe D about Doing Interviews, Not Surprised He's Arrested


Vlad and Mob James discussed the protracted nature of grand jury indictments, with Vlad arguing that the adversarial system is considerably weighted towards the prosecution due to the absence of defense attorneys. Building on this, Mob James explained that the governmental powers ensured they were thoroughly prepared before moving on their target, accumulating numerous witnesses and collating all available data. Furthermore, Vlad revealed a grand juror named Dirt Roc stated that Orlando was not Tupac's killer, but instead, it was a person identified as DeAndre Smith or Big Dre. According to Vlad, Dre lived with Dirt Roc and allegedly confessed to the crime, and allowed Orlando to take responsibility for better alignment with his street reputation. Mob James disputed this claim, arguing no individual would voluntarily assume the blame for a murder they did not commit.