Fat Joe recently reacted to Gillie Da Kid saying that he's a better baller than former NBA star Jamal Crawford, who agreed to play Gillie 1-on-1. 

Fat Joe reacted to the news on his Instagram page in a video, where he questioned if Gillie was "on dust" when he made the claims. Joe then added that he doesn't think Gillie could score two points on Crawford, who commented on The Hip-Hop Wolf's Instagram post. In the comments section, Jamal stated that Gillie was "talking like a zombie." 

This comes after Gillie said, "I bet you Jamal Crawford will not accept this challenge one-on-one. I will cook the s*** [out of him]. Let me just say this, Jamal Crawford is gonna get his baskets — that’s what he do. He cook everybody."

Gillie added, "But guess who else going in the oven? Jamal f***ing Crawford. He gotta guard me. I’m like Bubba Chuck. I know I’m a muthaf***ing liability on muthaf***ing defense, but I’m such a liability on offense that it don’t even f***in matter." 

Crawford then responded, "That’s what family is for @wallo267 …But I’m about to do @gilliedaking worst than Hitman Hearns did to Martin. Y’all got new money..50k going to winners charity! It’s on."