Days ago, Joe Smith went viral after the former NBA player confronted his wife after discovering her OnlyFans account. From there, Smith’s wife—Kisha Chavis, noted she doesn’t think the viral scandal will lead to them divorcing. 

Now, Kisha Chavis appeared on Treasure Wilson’s ‘Check Out the Stat’ show. Cam’Ron, sitting alongside Wilson, chimed in with questions related to the viral video between Chavis and Smith. 

Cam’Ron took time to find out what led to the video, asking Chavis about the financial hardships she and her husband have faced that led to her creating an OnlyFans business. Cam’Ron went on to find out that Chavis has multiple businesses, including a massage company that he made an inquiry about.

At one point in the video, Cam went on to say, “I don’t mean to be unprofessional or anything like that, but I can’t stop looking at your cleavage,” before complimenting Chavis on her overall look. Watch the moment at the 19:16 mark.

source: YouTube