NLE Choppa recently called out Mike Jones, saying the rapper copyrighted a song that was already cleared. Choppa released the song “CMON freestyle,” which found him flowing over Jones’ hit song “Still Tippin’.”

Choppa called out Jones, saying, “Ion know if it’s Mike Jones or his team but on everything y’all dead wrong for trying to copyright a song I got cleared. That’s some hating s***, especially for a young n**** like me that’s just tryna please his fans. Ion feel that I lost dumb respect but it’s cool, fasho!” 

Jones fired back, saying, “Don’t care about getting respect, especially if the respect wasn’t shown 4 months ago prior to releasing the music without getting the business clear!”

The “Still Tippin” rapper went in further, saying, “I told y’all #Welcome2TheMusicBusiness #StayTune for receipts & I wish a N**** would!!!” Take a look above.

source: Instagram