In a recent interview on Club Shay Shay, super agent Rich Paul, who represents LeBron James, addressed the ongoing criticism and disrespect that older players show towards LeBron and the younger generations of NBA players. He believes that jealousy and envy are at the root of this behavior.

Paul highlighted how when LeBron entered the league, many players were still in their prime, yet all the attention quickly turned towards him. LeBron signed a groundbreaking $100 million contract, something unheard of at the time, and was receiving special treatment from big names like Jay-Z. This created envy among his peers, leading to a sense of resentment towards him.

Furthermore, Paul pointed out that the media has amplified this negativity by purposely not mentioning LeBron's name and downplaying his accomplishments. He also debunks the myth that the "Mamba Mentality" was universally praised during Kobe Bryant's playing days. He explained that this mentality only gained popularity after Kobe retired, and many players began to adopt it. In reality, when Kobe was playing, he distanced himself from other players and was not seen socializing with them, which led to criticism.

Paul acknowledged that familiarity breeds disrespect and that even a simple act like not speaking to someone can make that person want to engage with you more. He highlights the importance of treating others with respect and mentions how LeBron has always been gracious and open to others.

Source: Youtube