Meek Mill has landed himself in hot water on social media after uploading a video of his interaction with a man at a small business.

In the video, Meek can be heard asking the man working behind the counter of the store if he was going to get a deal on an assortment of goods. It appeared that Meek had drinks and snacks on the counter, and he could be heard asking what the man "could take off" of the total. Another man in the background can be heard asking if the store gave discounts. 

This comes after Meek faced backlash for haggling with a man selling sneakers at a convention. Meek spoke to the reseller about his prices, stating, "I could buy these at the store right now for $300. That's a bad move, that's a bad sell. I'm going to buy it from you. I might come back and buy more. Now I'm going to the next table and might spend $5,000."