In a shocking turn of events, a Long Island football coach has been indicted in an alleged drug trafficking ring. The coach, who has been leading the Melbourne High School football team for 14 years, was charged with three counts of criminal possession of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon. However, many parents in the community are standing behind him, stating that they believe in his innocence.

The allegations against the coach came to light after a nine-month investigation by the district attorney's office. Prosecutors claim that the investigation uncovered cocaine, crack, and fentanyl, hidden in something disguised as a microwave. Twelve people were indicted in connection with the alleged drug ring, but the coach was not charged with conspiracy like others.

Parents of the football players are expressing their support for the coach, calling him a role model and emphasizing that he has always been dedicated to the team and its players. The school superintendent has also emphasized that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and that they believe in the judicial process.

Source: Youtube