In a recent interview with Walo and Gillie on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Shakur Stevenson (20-0) made a stern claim about Devin Haney (30-0) and his father, Bill. In the video, Stevenson infatcially states that he beat up Devin Haney during their number of sparing sessions. He also called Bill Haney a "hoe." Stevenson suggests that Bill may be aware that the big money fight in the future could be between him and Devin.

Stevenson addressed the previous sparring session with Haney, he questioned the context behind a video that was released. He emphasizes that his smiling during the session does not indicate tiredness or a desire to quit, as some have suggested. He challenges the release of that video and urges for the full footage to be shared to give a better understanding of what actually happened in the sparring session.

Fans are eagerly waiting for more updates on the potential fight between Stevenson and Haney, and hopeful that the full sparring session video will be made available to shed light on the situation and clarify any misconceptions.

Source: Youtube