In a recent game between Colorado State and Colorado, tensions were high as these two rival teams faced off. The game was filled with animosity and hostility, which is expected in a rivalry matchup. Despite Colorado State giving Colorado a scare, the Buffaloes managed to come out on top with a win.

Although the game was close, Shannon Sharpe expressed his encouragement towards the Buffaloes' ability to find a way to win, especially after being down by 11 points in the fourth quarter. However, he also mentioned that there were several penalties on Colorado State's side, costing them the game. The commentator emphasized the importance of coaching and condoning certain plays, as it reflects on the team's performance.

Another highlight of the game was the exceptional performance of Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback for Colorado State, and Coach Deion "Prime" Sanders' son. Both Shannon and Stephen A. praised his poise, athleticism, and arm strength, and they agreed that Shadeur is "special." 

Source: Youtube