In a recent conversation with Math Hoffa's "My Expert Opinion," rapper NLE Choppa delved into the power dynamics and misunderstandings within the music industry and the streets. He emphasized the importance of maintaining cordial relationships and resolving conflicts. According to NLE Choppa, power lies in being able to control one's surroundings and avoiding unnecessary beef.

He also discussed his conversations with other rappers caught up in various disputes. NLE Choppa then spoke about wanting to create a mixtape that brings rival artists together to squash their beef. He questions the underlying reasons behind these conflicts, finding that they often stem from societal pressures and the influence of media and social media. The energy of the streets and the desire to fit in with the "cool" crowd can lead young individuals down dangerous paths.

Moreover, NLE Choppa touched on the impact of the lack of a strong family unit and a sense of self-value for black males in America. The historical context of slavery and ongoing oppression contribute to a feeling of being lesser than a human being, which can perpetuate cycles of violence and criminal behavior.

Understanding the underlying causes of misunderstandings and conflicts is crucial for breaking these patterns. NLE Choppa highlights the importance of promoting unity, empathy, and self-value to empower individuals and communities, which you can hear more about above. 

Source: Youtube