Earlier this year, Lil Baby was dragged into the seemingly never-ending drama between Blueface and Chrisean Rock after Blueface accused Lil Baby of trying to hook up with Chrisean. 

During a live stream in February, Blueface told Chrisean, "I think you be letting too many rap n****s be in your face." When Chrisean told Blueface that Lil Baby told her she has potential, he responded, "Potential to what? F*** him?" 

Since the incident, Blueface and Lil Baby have sent warnings to one another, and Lil Baby has taken it a step further by name dropping Blueface in an unreleased song. Lil Baby recently shared a clip of him in the club singing along to the song, which features the line, "Put a hunnit up a million times, f*** is a blueface?"