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Part 5: Charli Baltimore on Biggie Getting Faith Evans Pregnant while They were Dating
Part 3: Charli Baltimore on Biggie Being Married to Faith Evans while They were Dating
Part 1: Charli Baltimore: At 15 My Baby Father Pushed Me Down Stairs 8 Months Pregnant


Charli Baltimore opened up about her relationship with fellow artist Biggie Smalls, discussing the controversy that arose during the shooting of the music video for "Get Money." According to Charli, Biggie had wanted her to dye her blonde hair dark for the video, but she didn't comprehend why at the time and kept her blonde locks. In hindsight, she now understands that the public perceived her appearance as a diss to Faith Evans, Biggie’s wife at the time, which was not the artist's intention. Charli also shared details surrounding her relationship with Biggie, explaining that the pair would often separate for short periods of time. She revealed that Biggie’s mom was the one to tell her that Faith was pregnant with Biggie’s child while they were on one of these breaks.