During his 2017 appearance on "Everyday Struggle," Vic Mensa got into a heated confrontation with DJ Akademiks about his reporting on the hip-hop and street culture in his native Chicago. Since then, the two have gone back and forth online, but they have yet to come face-to-face, until now. 

Vic recently sat down with DJ Akademiks for an interview in light of Vic dropping his sophomore album, the self-titled Victor. During their chat, things stayed amicable as the men covered various topics, including the rise of Drill music, and they also covered their past beef. 

This comes after Vic told Sway earlier this year that he was open to sitting down with Akademiks, stating, "Akademiks is one person that I have not spoken to. But I’m at the space where I don’t got room in my spirit for no beef, no problems with nobody. I’m beyond that. So, I’ma sit down with Akademiks. I’ll go on his show and speak to him. Because me and Akademiks’ thing, it was really more ideological too." Akademiks also spoke about the possibility of an interview earlier this year, which you can hear here