Over the weekend, Mexican-American communities throughout the U.S. took part in festivities honoring Mexican Independence Day. While jovial celebrations in places like Los Angeles made headlines with feel-good stories, Chicago was a different ordeal. Several videos from Mexican Independence Day in Chicago have already gone viral, and some of them include shootings and wild melees. Perhaps the buzzworthy incident occurred when a machete-wielding man got into a scuffle with a group of fellow Chicagoans in Little Village, Chicago. One of his targets included a man with a lucha libre wrestling mask on. Fittingly enough, the guy with the lucha libre mask quickly ducked when the machete-wielding man took a swing at him before he ended up putting him in the headlock, which forced him to drop the machete.

All of this was going on while the CPD was desperately trying to break things up. Scroll up and press play to see what happens next.

Source: Instagram