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The highly limited 2021 Ford GT stands out among car enthusiasts and collectors. The car, a redesign for the newer generation, was part of the famous Ford vs. Ferrari rivalry. To get it, interested buyers had to make a video explaining why they deserved it, leading to over 20,000 applications for its 1,350 units. The GT has major power, packing 660 horsepower and reaching 0-60 in three seconds - all with a V6 engine. One caveat for purchasers is an enforced two-year hold; early resale results in fines and even legal action from Ford, who retains ownership for the initial period. Despite having received substantial offers for the GT, car collector Envy has no immediate plans to part with the car due to its uniqueness and value, which it continues to appreciate. Much like art, the right car can be an investment that increases in value over time.