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Part 1: Taxstone's Last Interview, 7 Days Before 2017 Arrest: I Don't Think about Past, Only Future


In this clip, Vlad voiced his disappointment over the circumstances surrounding the death of Tupac, hinting at the unnecessary events that led up to the tragic incident. He gave a detailed retrospective on how Tupac's fatal altercation with Orlando, a known Crip and murder suspect, could have been avoided. He also talked about his series of interviews where he spoke with various insiders, including Tupac's friends, his fellow outlaws, and the Vegas cops who investigated the murder. His guest, Taxstone, chimed in, suggesting that Tupac might have been trying to live up to the image he had created, which potentially led to the ill-fated confrontation. The interview concluded with both men feeling that successful people in the music industry, like Jay-Z or Tupac, should have been more cautious and acted their age.