A Clayton County judge has intervened in a dispute between Jonesboro, Georgia City Council members and the mayor after they refused her access to City Hall.

The decision resulted from an incident in which a city employee accused the mayor of pointing a gun at him. Mayor Donya Sartor expressed frustration, stating that asking for her property is an indirect way of asking her to step down voluntarily.

The incident occurred in the mayor's office when the mayor unlocked a drawer, grabbed a handgun, and transferred it while commenting that she didn't want to leave it there at the end of the day. However, the police lieutenant involved alleges that the mayor pointed the gun in his direction, leaving him feeling assaulted and fearful.

The mayor denies making any threats and says the surveillance video shows the lieutenant leaving her office without appearing fearful. The mayor maintains that she is not prohibited from bringing a firearm into the building as an elected official. A temporary order has been issued allowing the mayor to return to City Hall, pending a court hearing later this month. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is currently looking into the incident.

Source: Youtube