NBA champion Rasheed Wallace was known for his contentious relationship with league officials showcased through the number of technical fouls he amassed throughout his career. 

But in all of Sheed's tense exchanges with referees during games, in a recent episode of the Whistleblower podcast, he recalled the worst thing he ever said to an official. 

"I told one ref, 'Y'all keep talking sh**, I'mma pay someone to burn your restaurant,'" Sheed said. "I said, 'Y'all keep f***ing me and my team,' this was in Detroit, 'Y'all keep f***ing me and my boys. I will hire a hacker to go into your e-mail account'. The referee tried to give me that look. 'Oh, trust me, I knew about the e-mail account y'all got from David Stern. Y'all take this sh** for granted.'"