The inspirational story of Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffalos has become the talk of the football season. After entering week one unraked, the team is #18 in national with two Heisman hopefuls in R.J. Hunter and Coach Prime's son, Shedeur Sanders. Jason Whitlock recently hosted a special called the Fearless Cookout featuring Warren Sapp, Brett Favre, and Seth Joyner. 

During the conversation, the foursome started talking about Coach Prime's postgame press conference when he called out a reporter. This prompted a heated argument between Jason Whitlock and Warren Sapp about who Coach Prime was calling out when he asked, "Do you believe now?!" Whitlock argued that it was Ed Werder, while Sapp said it was an unknown reporter of Indian descent.

Overall, the conversation showcases the participants' opinions on sports journalism and the growth of an influential sports figure. It highlights the importance of pausing and thinking before reacting and acknowledges the changing perspectives and behavior of individuals over time.

Scroll up and skip ahead to the 6:40 mark to watch the argument between Warren Sapp and Jason Whitlock.

Source: Youtube