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Boosie reacted to Vlad's interview with Alan Dershowitz, who represented Mike Tyson in his appeal, posited that Tyson was "100% innocent" of his rape conviction. Dershowitz argued that the trial court failed to hear testimony from four witnesses who could testify to seeing Tyson and his accuser acting affectionately towards each other prior to the alleged incident. The absence of this evidence, he argued, contributed to what he views as a biased outcome based on a preconceived notion about Tyson. Dershowitz asserted that the judge—a former rape prosecutor—wished to see Tyson convicted and hence did not allow for a balanced presentation of evidence. Furthermore, Dershowitz mentioned additional undisclosed evidence that reinforced his belief in Tyson's innocence. These views were echoed by Boosie, who asserted that Tyson and 2Pac's fame made him a target.