One of the co-defendants in the case with Donald Trump recently cited how slow Young Thug’s RICO case was moving via a motion to request a separate trial. The motion was filed by co-defendant Ray Smith on August 31, who asked for a separate trial in relation to the Georgia election interference case. 

The legal team for Smith claimed jurors would face difficulties in looking to try Smith alongside 18 other co-defendants, including Trump.

The lawyers said: “This solution will also reduce the amount of time any jury will be required to be empaneled. The experience learned by this Court in the YSL gang trial – jury selection that lasted (and is still in progress) over eight months and a trial that is expected to last another eight months (at least) – is a lesson learned that should inform any Court about the dangers of pursuing a joint trial for over a dozen defendants.” Stay tuned for more updates. 

source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution