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Part 3: Carl Jones on Backlash for Boondocks Showing Martin Luther King Using N-Word
Part 1: Before Doing The Boondocks, Artist Carl Jones Got Shot At for Selling Bootleg DVDs


In this clip, Carl Jones shared his unexpected meeting with Aaron McGruder -- comic strip writer and creator of the critically acclaimed show "The Boondocks." The artist moved to Los Angeles in 2005 and, without prior introduction, encountered McGruder on his first day in the city. The two quickly connected, and McGruder later employed the artist to assist him on his comic strip. Even when faced with challenges, such as meeting tight newspaper deadlines due to McGruder’s late submissions, the pair collaborated effectively. The pair worked together for two years on the comic strip and later transitioned into creating "The Boondocks" TV show for Adult Swim, which allowed them more artistic liberty than they would have received at other networks. Jones felt that this chance meeting on his first day in LA resulted in a successful partnership, which contributed greatly to the success of "The Boondocks."