Warren G recently appeared on ‘Drink Champs’ and spoke to NORE and DJ EFN about various topics, including how he missed his opportunity to squash the issues between Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. in the ‘90s. 

While speaking to NORE, Warren reflected on the situation, saying, “I pulled up, Biggie was right there we was chopping it up about everything.” The legendary rapper and producer continued, “Music — with him and 2Pac, them having beef and sh*t. He was just like, ‘He tripping on me.’ He was telling me everything. The artist continued, explaining how he offered to talk to 2Pac for him.”

The producer continued, “So I said, ‘How about this, this what I’ll do,' When I get at ‘Pac, I’ll say I talked to this n***a Biggie, and this what he said. You n***as get this s**t together and stop that s**t.” Despite the gesture, Warren noted he wasn’t able to get to Tupac, saying, “I couldn’t get to him because it was all the other muthaf**kas that was around. To really talk to him about what [Biggie] said. I was tryna get the message to him.” Watch above. 

source: YouTube