Stephen A. Smith's interview on Paul George's "Podcast P" is going viral for several moments, including the famed ESPN host addressing the tension he had with Kyrie Irving that later spilled over into a beef with Kyrie's father.

Stephen shared a story about Kyrie stepping to him, stating, "We were at the Staples Center. Kyrie rolls up on me… Taps me on the back and he's like, ‘You still got that same energy face to face,’ I said, ‘I'm standing here you know.' He was like, 'It's really not about me anymore,' and I looked at him and I said, 'You're right.’”

Stephen then explained that Kyrie was speaking about Smith's beef with his father, Dedrick, and Smith added, "The shame of it is I'm 55, obviously… his father is around my age. And the younger son was the one that had to educate this is really about y'all." 

Stephen went on to speak about meeting up with Dedrick to end their beef, which you can hear about in full above.